2018: an amazing year for architectural visualization

2018 has been a great year for forma, as we have carried out an endless number of architectural visualization and interior design projects for all kinds of clients.

When forma kicked off, back in 1997, there was nobody else who could deliver architectural visualization in Spain. We were pioneers in a field, the 3D industry, which was totally unknown up till then.

From the beginning, forma’s team of professionals have supported architectural visualization thanks to a clear vision: computerized structure simulation led to a broad research and growth field and, plus, made the renovators’, real estate developers’, designers’ and architects’ work easier, apart from making a great marketing tool of architectural visualization.

In the last two decades, forma has accomplished over 3.000 projects, gathering over 15.000 architecture renders and 500 architectural animations.

In 2018, there have been various customers who trusted us:

As time goes by, and as our projects in 2018 show, forma has specialized in architectural visualization projects focused on retail, housing, hotels & restaurants, workplaces, urban development, constructions processes and catalogues.

All these projects have come true thanks to the professionalism of our modelling, animation and 3D artists, art directors and architects, all of them with a high degree of specialization in virtual representation, both of interior and exterior spaces, with the highest quality of photorealism.

How did you like our projects? In 2019, we are willing to keep working even harder than in 2018, so that we can be there to help your dreams come true.



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