5 ways to win your customers’ hearts if you work in the Tourism industry

Virtual Reality (VR) is a great ally to expand your business opportunities. This also applies to the Tourism industry, as our attendance to FITUR, which recently took place in Madrid, once more proved.

Taking the occasion provided by the most relevant yearly event in Tourism in our country, we would like to bring you five ways in which virtual reality glasses may help you enhance you visibility, attract your potential consumers and provide them with a more satisfactory shopping experience.

Thus, how can we use virtual reality glasses in the Tourism industry?

  1. Virtual visits to hotels

virtual reality glasses can simulate that we are visiting a hotel without having actually made a single step into it. This experience allow us to know in advance if the place meets our clients’ requirements, both for the rest of tourists on vacation and for event and congress organisers.

  1. 360 videos for touristic promotion

With the power of showing a destination in all its splendour, they are very useful for Tourism Offices and travel agencies. They have a particular power of attraction and persuasion in destinations where nature and panoramic views play a key role, for instance. They are lately also being used for promoting sustainable tourism destinations.

  1. Adventure experiences 360 videos

The strength of this audio-visual content lies on the spectacular impact of its images. These videos become a very useful tool for travel agencies and tour operators whose core business focuses on adventure sports such as skydiving, parachuting, light airplane flights, paragliding, kite surfing and even, ballooning.

  1. 360 videos for events and conventions

As we already mentioned above on the first use of virtual reality glasses, this technology may also be useful for showing locations where different kinds of events may be held. Plus, it allows companies to capture their skills and abilities for organising and managing all the elements in a wedding, meeting or a large scale birthday party to make it a big success.

  1. Festival and concerts 360 videos

This kind of videos are such an experience without moving from your sofa. They allow feeling the atmosphere and intensity of a concert as if it was real; that is why they become a powerful marketing tool for big companies organising huge festivals, such as Primavera Sound in Barcelona, for example.

What do these five uses of virtual reality glasses in the tourism industry sound like? Can you think of any others? At forma we are specialised in virtual reality and beyond Tourism, we also work in other industries whose main objective is to win their customers’ hearts through inspiring VR experiences.

We’d love to inspire you. We are pioneers in creating virtual reality videos and we’d like to help you present a unique and amazing product to your customers. If you would like to find out how we can help you, get in touch with us without any obligation.


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