6 benefits of 3D render for Real Estate businesses

This time we would like to tell you how 3D architectural visualization becomes a highly efficient tool to promote and drive the sales of any property development, from a group of apartments to offices, workplaces and retail locations.

Did you know that only a 20% of people still consume their news through printed media? A study carried out in the US in 2016 by Pew Research Center, an organization specialized in journalism and media, stated that a 57% consumes news they are interested in on television, whereas a 38% gets them online.

This fact confirms that, since some years, people tend to have a preference for an attractive visual presentation when it comes to content consumption.

That is why the 3D render becomes a powerful marketing tool for those businesses that may require making visible and promoting their products.

Next, we would like to set out six reasons that support this theory and make a safe bet of architectural visualization for property developers and Real State specialists.

  1. 3D renders attract customers 

Human brain feels more attracted by soft curves forms.

However, plain 2D imagesare not able to show nor the depth, nor the real dimensions of the designed projects.

Architectural rendering’s main objective is to solve this situation, as it can present images exactly as they would look like in real life. Instead ofa plan, the customers may observe the project as a whole from various angles, which makes easier to clear up any doubts before the purchase.

  1. Highly precise presentations 

Being 2D images on a plan, customers observe theoretical measurements and designs. They cannot touch the project and cannot be sure that they will positively work once developed.

Elaborating a 2D plan is complex, but the customer does not appreciate that complexity, nor does evaluate the limits of what is architecturally feasible or not.

3D renders resolve this situation because they get into detail.

  1. It helps anticipate problems

Architecturalvisualization helps identify the difficulties well In advance. The customer may require changes, but the professional team behind the renders elaboration may also detect a problem in advance, as they have the project as a whole in front of them.

The structure, the stability, the lack of space or thedesignitself, may be re-oriented if the project in course is not 100% satisfactory.

This anticipation prevents from carrying out relevant architectural changes once working on site.

  1. Editing there and then

Creating precise presentations is a long process. Even after the design has been presented, customers may request some changes, to a greater or lesser extent.

Although carrying out changes on a CAD 2D file may be much easier than on a 3D Studio Max one, the chance of correcting at the same time that the project is carried out allows saving time.

That is how 3D architectural rendering services become a useful solution in both communicating and managing  expectations between company and customer.

  1. 3D renders improve your marketing

When it comes to marketing, 3D renders greatly contribute to promote advertising.

There is no place for a 2D plan in a commercial. Nobody would understand an architectural plan in an advertising format. It is something boring to look at. It would be like staring at a text wall, which makes no sense.

3D renders, however, are highly visual and nice to look at. Some people may even not realize they are looking at a simulated image and not a real one.

Thus, rendered presentations perfectly fit in short video commercials and slides presentations, as they generate a high impact and inspire those observing.

Currently, video presentations are the ones allowing a higher number of sales in the market. Research shows that consumers are a 64% more likely to purchase a product when they first saw it on a video describing it.

  1. Creating virtual reality opportunities

Architectural visualization combined with virtual reality  is a trend that will keep growing in the following months and will catch the attention of companies and consumers.

There are already plenty of products showing the power of virtual reality, such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive glasses, which are transforming the way people consume content.

Nowadays, virtual reality is mainly used in videogames and movies; can you imagine that in the future, instead of watching we may take part in the game and the movie as if we were in the story that is being told?

With 3D renders you can mmake up completely new stories to make your customers feel special. It is affordable and very attractive; and you can of course count on us to take this unique journey with you.


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