What are the keys for an excellent architectural visualization training course?

By September 26, 2018Training

At forma, we have recently noticed that there are more and more people who consider taking a course on3D, so we want to, through our blog, take the opportunity to tell you about the key aspects that any future student should take into account to receive a successful architectural visualization training course.

In order to carry out a 3D visualization project, we need to understandhow nature works and what it gives us.

Many of you may be wondering: “What does nature has to do with architectural visualization?”. They have many things in common, as this field requires having knowledge of:

  • How light behaves, how it reflects and affects penetrating the different materials that are used in the project.
  • How colour is represented. It refers to textures and tones.
  • How volumes are understood. Every object takes its own space and needs therefore a different representation. Space and size may vary according to the requirements.
  • Natural effects conforming a scene.

So, when considering taking a 3D training course, it is important to make sure that the program we will be taught does contain at least how nature works in this four basic aspects.

In our area of expertise, on-going updates are keyto captivate our customers. Knowing the latest techniques available for visualizing and representing object will help us innovate, as we will never face two projects that are identical.


What are the advantages of taking an architectural visualization training course?

  • Generating new opportunities. Taking an architectural visualization training course will bring you new working opportunities, as well as more and of a higher quality prospects.
  • Dominating the software you work with. You will be able to learn architectural with 3DS Max, VrayNext, ForestPack and Photoshop. Working with all of them allows reaching amazing results in relation to modelling, textures and even illumination.
  • Having access to other professional fields. A specializedtraining course in the 3D area opens new opportunities beyond architecture itself. It will allow you expanding your customer portfolio to interior design studios and architects, product designers. And if you are finalizing your studies with your final project, you may specialise from the very beginning.   
  • A unique modelling. When getting to know the software they will work with for the first time, students realize the huge amount of opportunities in front of them, as they can define and shape thousands of environments, objects, animals, highly detailed characters, etc. Only your imagination sets the limits.
  • High quality rendering. Rendering engines (Arnold, Corona, Maxwell, Octane y V-Ray) are often compatible with almost all modelling and animation software. Rendering allows simulating the possibilities offered either by a photo camera or a 360 aspheric camera; a 360 stereoscopic aspheric camera and a professional video camera: that is, shutter speed, depth of field, aperture, etc.
  • Efficient 3D animation. After an architectural visualization training course, students know how to create objects and scenes, texturize and map the geometry, place lights and cameras, render and carry out post-production, being able to create realistic scenes for architecture and produt design.

To be efficient, an architectural visualization training course must cover how to set the working interface; the technical possibilities the modelling offers; how a material editor works and how they are implemented; the type of lights there are; which photographic parameters and rules apply; and in relation to the rendering, which is the suitable optimization for each scene.

At formaSCHOOL we are specialised in giving architectural visualization courses that are tailored to the students’ needs. We count on classrooms equipped with the latest computers and double screen, replicating a professional environment. That way, every student has their own working space to make the most of the course. May we also highlight that our teachers are active professionals of the industry and that they are all Autodesk certified to provide the students with an official certificate.

The training course focuses on having a good command of all modelling, textures, lighting and rendering tools for architecture and interior design projects. Check our web and get all the information of the advantages of getting trained with us.


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