The value of visual effects in marketing

Visual effects are the different ways in which images can be edited out of a live shooting context.

Visual effects are used to create environments that pretend to look realistic while they are not, as if they really existed they would be dangerous, too expensive or even impossible to be created due to its difficulty.

There’s no doubt nowadays that visual effects form a powerful marketing tool and movies have become the main assertion of this value. On the other hand, architecture, design and interior design studios can also benefit from visual effects as a tool to present a project at its highest magnificence.

Why are visual effects an excellent marketing tool?

Next we will list the reasons why visual effects are an excellent tool to communicate with your customers and meet their needs.

  • Visualizing before the purchase. If our customer can see how the finalised product will look like, the probability of being attracted to buy it will increase.
  • The WOW effect. Visual effects impress because they build realistic experiences through virtual immersions. The onomatopoetic name comes from the reaction a person usually has when seeing the result: “wow”, will they mostly respond.
  • The possibility to show it to a broader audience. An example of the utilization of visual effects may be showing to the public in a event or showroom.
  • Make the difference. Due to all the above mentioned, it makes a big difference between applying visual effects on your product or not, in a way that if you do, you get a clear added value in relation to your competitors.

A visual effect must be unnoticed. If someone who sees it hesitates whether they have seen something real or not, then we shall not be achieving the effect we aim.

Visual effects are our allies. They help us build the script, go with the characters and decorate the picture, but they should never become the main actor. In other words, visual effects must be strong and at the same time stay unnoticeable.

In this continuous search for balance, a marketing campaign integrating visual effects must be impressive enough to catch our attention and even make us think about it.

Do you think visual effects are a useful tool in your marketing strategy? Have you considered using them to win your customers’ heart but you don’t know where to start? At forma we have a team specialized in visual effects. We love telling stories and would like to help you tell yours.


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