forma team finishes the school year with good marks

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Now that summer has arrived it is the right moment to take stock of the projects on which forma teams have been working. It’s being an intense year, we’ve learnt a lot and have even surpassed our expectations. That’s the reason why we would like to take the opportunity to specially refer to formaCG’s team, our experts in visual effects and animation.

How does forma work?

formaCG professionals are real artists, with an impressive creativity. They are able to draw a sketch out of a sentence they’ve heard out in the corridor, at our headquarters’ in Barcelona. From that moment, everything is possible. From the first sketch to the final creation of digital characters, forma’s creative team initiate an amazing journey, in which they sculpt and shape the movements, the personality and the nature of the future digital characters.


What techniques do they use?

Visual effects and motion graphics help the team create characters that are so realistic that they automatically become the main characters of the stories we like to tell. Nevertheless, it is not just incrediblecharacters we bring to life; we apply ourselves to make every element of the story to look as real as possible: cars, parks, space ships and suits, armours, swards, wounds, flags, snow or mud-covered surfaces, lorries, cliffs, clods, skies, animals… everyone of them turn into 3D animations as a result of our passion  for virtual creation.


Where can I see forma’s videos?

Taking the opportunity of the “school year” end, we would like to invite you to visit our YouTube channel, where you will find the CG Reel video with the highlights of the worked we’ve performed during the past twelve months.

The video is a great introduction for forma’s 3D animations, which shows not only the final outcome, but also the storyboard process and the technology used during the making of each and every element that make up the digital characters and animated objects.

If you are an advertising agency in Barcelona and need to create a videogame trailer, we will be more than happy to assist you. You can get in touch with us at or calling on +34 93 119 00 17.


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