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What career opportunities does architectural visualization offer?

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Architectural visualization or 3D render has become a useful tool, we could even say essential, for architecture and design studios to communicate their projects more efficiently to their customers.

It is well known that an image is worth a thousand words and, in that sense, architectural visualization has opened a world of opportunities to all renderinfg companies and professionals that use it.

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forma team finishes the school year with good marks

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Now that summer has arrived it is the right moment to take stock of the projects on which forma teams have been working. It’s being an intense year, we’ve learnt a lot and have even surpassed our expectations. That’s the reason why we would like to take the opportunity to specially refer to formaCG’s team, our experts in visual effects and animation.
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Visual effects

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Visual effects are the various ways in which images are created or manipulated in a context different to live shooting. They are 100% computer generated and are used to create a variety of effects in movies, TV broadcasts, spots, simulators and even billboards. Read More