Due to our experience in this field, we offer you the chance to enjoy Forma VR: Our Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality department in Barcelona.

 Forma Disseny is a very experienced enterprise. It has been more than 20 years being Barcelona’s VR referent. We were so lucky to can collaborate professionally with so many clients, and we yield good results with the best satisfaction. ¿Would you like to know what can we do for you?

Maybe you have in mind some event, showroom or trade fair. Let us help your project pioneering with a quality beyond doubt. Our studio will do for you the best photorealistic virtual places. Get to the public on the pioneer way as you’ve never seen before.



Our big secret is to offer global service to all people who trust in us. This way we are together all process, since the very first step until the fine-tuning for your software and hardware programmed for you.

Would you like to place yourself in the hands of the VR and 3D animation professionals in Barcelona? You just have to show us your idea and our specialists will work to make it real.We are experts in branding new technics on this field. And so, our two decades career is our best presentation.

We wait for you in Forma Disseny to help you wherever you need. We are unrivalled in Virtual Reality in Barcelona. Let us guide you about your best alternatives. Don’t be late!

Realidad Virtual Barcelona


FORMA DISSENY was created in October 1997 and was incorporated as a limited company in the year 2000, being a solvent company that accumulates about 3,500 successful projects and about to accumulate 20 years of experience.

We are dedicated to the virtual representation of ideas, giving infographic solutions to projects of our clients, through tools of 3D infography and virtual reality.

We have a team of qualified professionals with state-of-the-art hardware equipment, constantly updating ourselves at the forefront of technology and being able to offer our customers the best quality in the shortest time possible.

In FORMA DISSENY we reinvent ourselves with every age and needs to achieve the survival of the company to the changes. That is why we diversify our sectors of action, working in disciplines such as architecture, engineering, medicine, education, advertising and all those challenges that our customers can pose.

FORMA DISSENY team identifies the Augmented Reality (AR) and the Virtual Reality (VR) as the future of 3D, a field in which they have developed their services in the last 8 years and being at the beginning pioneers of the subject in Spain. Our extensive experience in the development of infographic simulations has allowed us to remain as a reference of this technology in the country.

All the activities are developed in the offices of the company, which counts on professionals with 3D simulations (modeling, texturing and GI illumination), with professionals of Final Art in virtualization (images, animations, VR (Virtual Reality), AR, VFX, APPS and GAMES), and with technicians programmers, with latest generation equipment, with the latest versions of Software and updated licenses.



c/Pau Claris, 162-164 edificio financia, 6º – 4ª
Barcelona, 08037
t +34 93 119 00 17


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