Can we humanize artificial intelligence?

Virtual reality and augmented reality are, nowadays, some of the greatest innovations in technology, allowing experiences that are more and more immersive.

Artificial intelligence is yet another technology that, with increasing penetration in various industries, is revolutionizing both the way new business lines are developed,  and the way human beings relate to each other.

The combined use of virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence opens such a range of possibilities that keeps growing every year, particularly when it comes to customer service.

Although it may be true that artificialintelligence shall not replace humans, we have already observed that, in these customer service applications based on artificial intelligence, they have been clearly surpassed.

Today, artificial intelligence applies to fields as broad as: voice recognition, machine learning platforms, hardware, automatic decision making, learning platforms that, on top, identify patterns and classify how to apply them, human body analysis, robotic process automation, cybernetic defense and compliance.

While recently artificial intelligence just focused on offering structured conversations around programmed responses, varying according to the question posed, now this technology allows to create androids that may even come to live.

One of the industries where artificial intelligence becomes stronger ismarketing, in which  various start-upsin the US have developed human-shaped robots that have achieved over one million followers in social media such as Instagram.

That’s the case of Shudu, Miquela or Bermuda, who, from one day to another showed up in social media posing with high-end brands apparel and testing beauty products from the main companies in the market at international level.

With the time, the start-upsresponsible for these androids created with artificial intelligence have also humanized them, reinforcing their emotional side.  

Examples like these three robots prove that content is still King. Technology may change, the base doesn’t. When talking about virtual reality content, the world of  videogames is one of the greatest pioneers, having as one of it main challenges to increase its presence in additional fields in order to generate new content that may respond to a diversity of audiences, more and more demanding every day.

Virtual reality provides plenty of information about consumers thanks to the level of immersion that it grants. The experience collected through virtual reality allows us to move forward towards a world of immersive experiences that permit anticipate our needs.

Virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence form a unique alliance whose applications and solutions have not yet been fully discovered. In this sense, virtual reality helps artificial intelligence get a step closer to the user.

In short, if we use the potential of data together with the emotion provided by the 3D and virtual reality industry, we may achieve a more valuable outcome.

At forma we want your content to be the king, and that’s why we invite you to contact us to find out how virtual reality can help you achieve it.



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